Walking requirements are flexible to your dog’s needs. A half an hour on the lead street walk from home or a good hours run and play in the local woods with the lunchtime group.  I have an air conditioned MPV with towels and a non-slip mat in the rear to ensure we all travel in safety.  Any nervous or smaller dogs travel upfront on the passenger seat with seatbelts on (and have to endure my singing!).

Lunchtime group walks are usually in our beautiful local woods which is safe and away from main roads.  I try to walk off lead where you prefer once I have built up a good relationship with your dog and I always have a treat pouch full of tasty treats to reward good behaviour.  It's great to see the group come together to play - dog friends!

I towel dry if we're wet and paw clean (as best I can) before returning home.  Needless to say I will always clean up after nature has taken its course and dispose of the waste in the correct manner.

I also carry a basic first aid kit in the car and have taken a Canine First Responder Course for everyone’s peace of mind.

I do not smoke and avoid using my mobile when walking to allow me to concentrate on the dogs.  I also prefer to use harnesses where possible and I do not use slip leads.