Dog friends! Welcome to the Furrydogmother Dog Hotel and Spa

"A relaxing break or exciting adventure holiday packed with things dogs love to do"

Included in the cost of your stay but by no means compulsory

Swimming- enjoy a refreshing dip in our local waterway with it's gently sloping sandy beach and a warm outdoor shower on your return

Squirrel chasing- run as fast as you can and tree as many squirrels as you choose to in our local woodland (we do request that squirrels are not harmed/eaten for future guests to chase)

Poo rolling - if being smelly is your thing take a roll in Fox or Horse poo in the local fields without being told to 'STOP THAT'

Daily walks - if a sociable hour long walk is your thing then enjoy a comfortable taxi ride with your assistant to a local park/woodland where there are smells, squirrels and plenty of other dogs to meet and sniff

Massages - enjoy a relaxing massage as you wind down for the evening

Grooming - if you like to look good your personal assistant can brush and pamper you daily and get you looking super smart for your homeward journey at the end of your break. (Wet and 'dry' baths are available)

Lounging - if sofas are your thing we have comfy sofas galore.  If it’s a dog bed you love you won’t be disappointed.  We also have a cool kitchen floor, warm carpets to get hairy and a fine lawn to sunbath on – top up that tummy tan!

Training courses - ongoing or introductory courses are offered in 'how to please the boss'.  These are all based on the excellent teachings of Victoria Stilwell Positive Reinforcement and generally require little effort (sitting, coming when called) and huge rewards (tripe treats, sausage slices etc)

And also enjoy the treasures of “Probably The Best Toy Box In The West Midlands”